Welcome on my « Organic farming & Agroecology » blog !

As you may notice, 99,9 % of its content is in French… or even worst, in Québécois ! Sorry about that but it happens to be my native and favorite language 🙂

Nevertheless, if you want to benefit from my blog, there are a few solutions… some easier and cheaper than the others:

1- You start French lessons
2- You use an online website translator such as « Google translator » (from my test, I would say it’s fairly good for technical texts but not that accurate for the rest)
3- You come and visit me in Québec. I’ll be happy to host and show you around. Bon voyage !

… let me know if you know of any better ideas. Merci !

Gigi crossing the St. Lawrence River from Lévis to Québec City.

2 commentaires sur “English

  1. L’offre de traduction le plus généreux que j’ai jamais vu, « come visit me and I’ll show you around. » Ghislain you really are, as we say in English, a real sweetheart. C’est a dire qu’on t’adore.

    The blog is amazing and inspiring and once again I wonder how you find the time to do so many things so well. Don’t even think of spending time on translation!

    See you in the spring if not sooner.

    ~ reid



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